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About ESA Pty Ltd (EnvBioChem Solutions Australia)

ESA is an Australian owned company that supplies Domestic Grey Water Treatment Systems (DGTS) to the domestic market. ESA is a recognized group of professional environmental engineers continually searching and developing new products to help care for our environment. Envirowater systems are sold throughout Australia by a network of trained licensed distributors. We manufacture all of our own plastic products and components for our system. Our head office is located in Melbourne (Victoria).

By combining the latest water cleansing technologies with the highest standards of service, there is no job too big or small for the ESA team to tackle.

The ESA EnviroWater unit was created by Ismael and his team, he is the founder and managing director of ESA. Ismael has been working in the field of environment protection and water treatment for more than 15 years.


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A DGTS is a purpose built system used for the treatment and recycling of grey water. Grey water is the name given to the waste water coming from the bath, shower, spa bath, hand basin and laundry. Toilet and kitchen is considered black water therefore it should not be diverted to grey water lines.

An ENVIROWATER system is your positive contribution towards the protection of our environment. Using recycled water to maintain your garden and toilet flushing will significantly reduce your bill for consumption of potable water by at least 30% - 40%. You will also have water available when you need it, irrespective of rain and water restrictions.


So far, it could be said that, the biggest achievement is to have been granted Victorian EPA Approval as this means that the ESA Envirowater greywater recycling system is now able to be offered to all Victorian homeowners looking to help the environment and tackle Australia’s ever worsening drought problem.

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However, our greatest achievement has been to effectively create an easy to use water saving unit which will help Australia’s current drought problem whilst allowing for homeowners to feel proud that they are doing their bit for Australia.


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